Course Feedback from CITRMS graduates
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Course Feedback from CITRMS graduates

1) "I sincerely appreciate your tutorial and inquisitive method of teaching/learning. Identity Theft is exploding in America, indeed, around the world. We need to be informed and equipped. You have accomplished this with your extensive program. I have four earned degrees, however, I was not equipped to deal with Identity Theft and all of the different related legislative enactments. Thanks to your program, I am now equipped to educate businesses, schools, individuals and other organizations on how to protect themselves against Identity Theft."

2) "My wife and I focus on the Small Business market place and are currently in the top three producers in our company. The CITRMS course has significantly changed our business with the added information that we received through this course. She will be taking the course after the first of the year so that we can both be CITRMS certified."

3) "I could not let this year end without expressing my utmost gratitude for all your help and assistance, since I completed the course, in helping me to improve my capabilities as a CITRMS. While the course is invaluable, your willingness, and that of your staff, to answer my questions regardless of their nature - be it content or technical, has been a tremendous help in insuring my success as a CITRMS. I highly recommend your course, without hesitation, to anyone, individual or corporate, who honestly and truly wishes to help people cope with the horrendous problem of Identity Theft. It is well worth the time and cost to become Certified."

4) "I am very pleased with this test and the complexity of it, this was probably one of the most complete training I have had in numerous years and it really taxed my abilities. I was extremely pleased with the ability to go back and check myself on the content because it was so immense and comprehensive. You guys did a great job. I look forward to using your services in the future."

5) "I certainly wish to thank you for the Training. I have greatly benefited from my training and constantly use it as a resource as I work with our clients and other Insurance Agents and Insurance Agencies."

6) "The course was truly informative, extremely so. In fact, a colleague is enrolled now because I told them they really needed to obtain the knowledge available in this course. That is how strong I feel about the quality of the course."


About the ICFE:

The Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) was founded in 1982 by the late Loren Dunton (creator of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and founder of the College for Financial Planning in Denver, CO.) The ICFE is dedicated to helping consumers of all ages to improve their spending practices, increase savings and use credit more wisely.

The ICFE is an award winning, nonprofit, consumer education organization that has helped millions of people through its financial continuing education courses programs and resources. In addition to eight Certification courses covering identity theft, credit files, credit repair and credit scoring, among others, it also publishes the Do-It-Yourself Credit File correction Guide, which is updated annually. The ICFE has distributed over one million Credit/Debit Card Warning Labels and Credit/Debit Card Sleeves world wide.

The ICFE is a partner with the national Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy and the California Jump$tart chapter. The ICFE staff is also active with San Diego Saves and Military Saves, both offshoots of America Saves.

The ICFE is also an on-line help for consumers who spend too much. ICFE's spending help was featured in PARADE Magazine in the Intelligence Report section. The money helps and tips are from the ICFE's Money Instruction Book, our course in personal finance.

The ICFE helps consumers and students with mending spending, learning about the proper use of credit, budget and expense guidelines, how to set up and implement a spending-plan and also how to access financial education courses and how to teach children about money. Other ICFE services include: Ask Mr. G library, a free eNews service, and an online resource center for students, parents and educators, plus financial education learning tools in the ICFE Book Store.

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