Children's Videos Help Children Learn About Finances
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"Videos Help Children Learn About Finances"

Plus They Make Wonderful Gifts!

CONTACT: Paul S. Richard, ICFE Executive Director

San Diego, CA. Videos help children learn about finances and they make wonderful gifts. The nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), based in San Diego, CA., has reviewed and selected three financial education videos for parents to consider as holiday gifts. Each video adds a new dimension to the scope of financial learning, making it fun for children as they view them repeatedly. The videos the ICFE recommends for children are:

"Money Rock", Video (Children's video for ages four to ten - $14.99 + $3 p&h 30 minutes)
This is the latest entry from the Emmy Award winning SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK video series from Disney, currently airing on ABC TV, Saturday mornings. "Money Rock" teaches an entirely new generation that "knowledge is power with seven feature songs covering valuable money facts. "Money Rock" puts lessons from Wall Street to Washington, D.C. to

"Learning To Save" (Children's video for ages four to nine, $14.99 + $3 p&h) 
This is a lighthearted approach to teaching children the admirable concepts of saving and sharing in addition to spending. With songs and chatter, little viewers are taught and inspired in a classroom of students eager to learn about money. It is approximately 30 minutes and
comes with an activity guide of projects for kids and discussion guidelines.

"Piggy Banks To Money Markets' (Children's video for ages five to 12, $14.95 + $2 p&h)
Its a "Kids Video Guide To Dollars and Sense. " Covers all aspects of money, from where it all started to how it moves thorough society. Children will enjoy watching other youngsters run their own businesses. The new music is coupled with fun graphics. Video is about 30 minutes and comes with an activity guide. The classroom edition comes with a teachers guide and 50 student activity guides. It is $34.95 +$3 p&h.

Parental help: 
"18 Ways To Teach Your Children or Grandchildren the Value of Money". 
Send $1 and a self-addressed, USPS First Class stamped envelope (SASE) to: 
ICFE 18 Tips $$ for Kids. 
PO Box 34070 San Diego, CA

Video Ordering Information:
ICFE Resource Center: PO Box 34070, San Diego, CA 92163.
Order on-line using a VISA or MasterCard OR Check
OR by calling 619-239-1401.

For more information contact Paul S. Richard ICFE Executive Director at 619-239-1401.

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