Credit Card Warning Labels
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"Charged-up With 2+ Trillion in Debt, Consumers Need 'Credit Card Warning Labels' For Their Charge Cards!"

Labels available from the nonprofit 
Institute of Consumer Financial Education - San Diego

CONTACT: Paul S. Richard, ICFE Executive Director at 619-239-1401

San Diego, CA. 'With dire reports that more and more Americans were getting all charged-up with their credit cards to the tune of over 2 trillion dollars,, consumers may need more protection against accumulating debt,' says the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), a San Diego based group helping consumers become better spenders, regular savers and wise users of credit.

The ICFE is making available new 'Credit Card Warning Labels' for safer spending and the prevention of debt, to all those consumers who may be close to "maxing" out their credit lines, and those who want to avoid "maxing" out their credit' says the Center's executive director, Paul S. Richard, who created the 'Credit Card Warning Labels.'

'The ICFE' 'Credit Card Warning Labels' are self-sticking for the front of credit cards,' says Richard. There are three different versions: 

cc_sticker_can_i_afford_it.jpg (7739 bytes) cc_sticker_should_i_charge_it.jpg (8764 bytes) cc_sticker_warning.jpg (8661 bytes)
CreditCardWarningLabelCC.jpg (14254 bytes)

The ICFE's 'Credit Card Warning Labels' are available at 10/$2 with a self-addressed, 55 cent, stamped envelope (see address below).

To improve everyday spending techniques, try the following suggestions: 

1. Plan ahead, using a list noting coupons, sales and dollar amounts.
2. Begin setting aside available dollars now for major purchases later.
3. Start looking early for bargains on seasonal items.
4. Consider sharing bulk purchases with other families and/or family members.
5. Separate shopping trips from spending trips.

"Credit Card Warning Label" Ordering Information:

For 10 Credit Card Warning Labels, (please specify A, B or C version)
plus information on how to create a Spending-Plan the how to use the Spending-by-Choice Technique, please send $2, and a 
self-addressed, double stamped business-sized envelope to

(Quantity prices 500 per roll $49.95 + $3.05 p&h - 1000 per roll $89.95 + $4.05 p&h)

ICFE Credit Protection
PO Box 34070, 
San Diego, CA 92163.
Order on-line using a VISA, American Express or MasterCard or Check
(NOTE: minimum charge order on this item is $10.)
OR by calling 619-239-1401.

For more information contact Paul S. Richard ICFE Executive Director at 619-239-1401.

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