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CITRMS® is a registered trademark of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), San Diego, CA


Fighting Back Against Identity Theft - Federal Trade Commission   


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Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist™ 

Course Feedback from CITRMS® Graduates

*Accepted for 30 CEUs from the CFP Board of Standards and PractiCEUs, Inc.
*Accepted for 30 CEUs
for ChFC's and CLU's PACE Program and  the IARFC
*Approved for 20CEUs
by the Assn. for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE)
Listed with ISSA
the Information Systems Security Assn. (

(Special Publisher's Discount and Multiple Enrollment Discounts Available) 


Over 46 million credit and identity theft victims and counting...
The monetary losses are mounting.  More small business owners are discovering the hard way what the new laws say they now must do to protect a customer's personal information. Guarding against credit and identity theft is more important now, than ever before.  In part because the number of victims continues to multiply in huge numbers every month, but the law enforcement and resolution advocacy services don't.  And partly because there are so few professionals trained and qualified to help the public and small businesses who need to acCEUss and manage credit and identity theft risk to avoid financial ruin and the nightmares of attempted resolution should one become a victim. 

 The ICFE has developed the "ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist" - CITRMS® educational and certification testing program.  The main purpose is to comprehensively prepare and equip law enforcement professionals, financial planners and CPA's, resolution advocates, notaries, lawyers, credit and debt counselors, through education, testing and computer software training, with the knowledge and skills neCEUssary to help consumers and businesses fully assess and minimize their present risk of credit and identity theft.  All of these professionals - who are now the front line of defense in the fight against credit and identity theft for their clients and constituents - will also have a heightened sense of awareness about this so-called silent crime and will be tuned in to always guarding against it and always talking about it with their clients and constituents to keep their awareness high.

ICFE Identity Theft Survey Reports

Identity Theft Risk Management Survey and Report

Click Link for PDF report


Click Link for PDF report


Click Link for PDF report

For Immediate Release: August 1, 2008
2008 Benchmark ICFE Study:
What Features, ServiCEUs and
Security Identity Theft
Protection ServiCEUs are Offering

Click Link for PDF report

          The President creates new Identity Theft Task Force.  Click HERE for .pdf document.

             For additional information also visit the FTC's Identity Theft Site HERE

Now more than ever in the past, the time has come for a more professional, comprehensively trained well educated approach the ICFE

Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist  program contains that will equip people with a working knowledge and understanding of  the individual uniqueness of these crimes.  Also included is an introduction to risk management and resolution software which will greatly assist with serving both victims and clients and in addition to small business owners

There are five areas of study and testing:
1) Understanding Identity Theft

2) Credit Reports, Specialty  Reports and Public Records

 3) Identity Theft Risk Management and Resolution

4) Consumer Protection Law Summaries

5) Identity Theft Risks and Issues for Businesses. 

This program will also result in professionals having gained the knowledge and techniques neCEUssary to improve their own chanCEUs of not
becoming a victim and also help others too.

Click here to view a partial list of companies represented by current CITRMS

Here are some reasons why professionals enroll in this new ICFE Certification Program:

1.  Becoming certified by the ICFE will make a difference to your clients, your company,
     your community, and yourself.   It is the manifestation of your commitment to high standards
     of professionalism aimed at your employer, your colleagues, your clients and the general public.

2. Promotes your professional value.

3. Demonstrate your professional qualifications and earn respect from clients and peers.

4. Fulfill continuing education (CE) requirements and/or personal development requirements.
     (CE acceptance by the CFP Board of Standards and PractiCEUs for 30 CEUs as of 02-16-06)
     (CE acceptance by the IARFC-Registered Financial Consultants for 30 CEUs as of 02-20-06)
     (PACE acceptance by The American College for a maximum 30 CEUs as of 02-20-06)
     (CE acceptance by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education for 20 CEUs)
     (Listed with ISSA - Information Systems Security Association - Certifications) (

5. Being among the first to earn this important Certification in your community is newsworthy.

6. $76 introductory discount and multiple enrollment (two or more) discount of $25 per person.

7. Benefit: Earn a listing in the ICFE’s online Directory of CITRMS®

Click on links below to read more about the Certification Program:

What to Expect From This Comprehensive ICFE Certification Program
The Ever-growing Need for Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists
What are ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists and What do they do?

Table of Contents:
ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists Independent Study Guide

(Click Here to View Table of Contents)


Getting started as an ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists  is easy. 

Who should enroll in the CITRMS® Program?

Law Enforcement Professionals (Criminal and Prosecutorial)
 CFPs,   CLU and ChFCs, CPA's, RFCs and Lawyers
Military Financial Counselors
Notaries - Credit and Debt Counselors
Faith Based Credit and Financial Counselors
Identity Theft Victim and Resolution Advocates

View News Release!
Specialized Credit Report Reviewer and ID
Theft Risk Management Credentials from ICFE Set New Standard


How To Get Started Now

First, enroll and receive the ICFE program materials in the comfort of your home or office.  

Upon the receipt of the Independent Study Guide, the software, and the Examination, you are ready
begin the home study program and advance at your own pace.  Install the software and register the single
user copy.  Part of the study involves using the software.  Upon completion of the Independent Study Guide
and using the software, take the 100 question examination.  Candidates who answer 80 of 100 questions
correctly (80%), receive the ICFE Certification.


Here is what is included in the enrollment package:

ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Independent Study Guide (241 pages) and a 100 question Examination and Answer Sheet.   Also, there is a CITRMS® Resource Guide on a CD Rom which includes PowerPoint Shows; tools; dozens of forms, letters, and affidavits; laws; and other important Resources plus the ICFE Identity Theft Risk Management Survey and Report.  There is a personalized ICFE CITRMS® Certificate with the ICFE CITRMS® seal presented to all graduates.                  

What does the enrollment package cost?                         $375.00**  

LESS Publisher's Discount (good through September 30th, 2011)                    (-$76.00)

Net cost:            CITRMS® Enrollment Package:                                 $299.00 + Postage

                                                                   ** Multiple enrollment (two or more) discount is $25 per enrolled at the same time.


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Here's What you will Receive! 




ICFE Certified Identity Theft
Risk Management Specialist
Study Guide
ICFE Certified Identity Theft
Risk Management Specialist
ICFE Certification:
 Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist








ICFE Special Report:  Identity Theft Risk Assessment PowerPoint™Presentation CD Rom

Take Charge:

Fighting Back Against

Identity Theft

From the Federal Trade Commission


Click HERE to view ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewer Program

                About the credit and identity risk assessment service for
            small business owners, individual consumers and their families.

Business owners are liable for security breaches.  The Federal Trade Commission recently fined a mortgage company $50,000 for violating national Disposal, Safeguards and Privacy rules by leaving loan documents with sensitive information in and around an unsecured trash bin

Small Business Owners:
  As an Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist,  you will
have already gained the knowledge, skills and techniques neCEUssary to assist the small business owner
by showing them how to conduct a complete review and assessment of their risk of becoming a liable
for damages and or penalties because of the way they handle, or perhaps mishandle their customers
credit, medical,  insurance and other confidential information during the course of their normal business
operations.  This assessment may also include to the owner's personal information and extend to his or
her workers, as an employee benefit.   Depending on the size of the small business and the amount of
sensitive customer information they may control, a review and assessment of the improvement measures
to employ which will result in minimizing their risk may take from two to six hours.  The hourly billing would
be consistent your current hourly rates.

CITRMS® also have acCEUss to an ICFE exclusive Identity Theft Seminar* complete with over 75 PowerPoint slides, a complete easy -to-read script, press releases, invitation letters, handouts, and review forms all in a neat carrying case.  The valuable training and insights gained with your Certification training uniquely equips you to authoritatively talk and present a seminar on credit and identity theft risks.  All ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists  are entitled to a special discounted price for this comprehensive seminar package.

Consumers: Over 150 million data records of U.S. residents have been exposed due to security breaches since 2005.  Everyone is at risk. A review of an individual consumer's personal financial, insurance, and other confidential family information - from their credit reports to the way they might receive their printed checks in the mail, to also include how the information is stored and, equally important, the manner of its disposition is the initial part of proCEUss. The assessment is done with the client present and importantly will include suggestions on how to make one's situation more secure and less available to others, whether family members or criminals.

Typically, the first step is to have the client(s) empty out their wallet or purse on the desk in front of you. 
What you are looking for is incriminating items with a SS#s and other information they may be carrying
around that could harm them.  The average interview and assessment takes about an hour and a half to two
hours. The assessment also includes corrective and cautionary steps to take to minimize the risk and guard
against the crimes and also receive an important list of things they should always do to guard against both
credit and identity theft.  

You will explain how and why current practiCEUs, disposition without first shredding, for instance, may increase their risk of their credit and other identity information fall into the hands of miscreants and even organized crime.  Should your service include a review of credit files, any changes and corrections and you may suggest may be made using the ICFE's Do-It-Yourself Credit File Correction Guide. 

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                       CITRMS® is a registered trademark of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), San Diego, CA

Click HERE to view ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewer Program